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Artist statement:

My sculptures start in clay. They are inevitably figurative and most of them are women. I like to catch the moment of insight; to see tenacity, resilience, courage, truth as the moving principle in complex lives. Often the women stand alone. These days they tend to stand together. They resist, they don’t fight – they step forwards together to protect what they love.

The choice of material for the final form comes later. I am acutely aware of how different materials narrate differently. During thirty years with sculpture I’ve carved stone, cast bronze, experimented with ceramic processes and since 2005, had it all come together by casting glass.

Glass is not very obedient. I like that about it. Translucent cast glass can be thrillingly and hazardously unpredictable as a sculpture material. It has a “life of its own” quality that is especially challenging for figurative sculpture, and portraits in particular. Still, to me, it captures a sensitivity and longing to be present that I cannot express in other materials. 

       Tone Ørvik has been a sculptor for 30 years. Born in Norway, driven by wanderlust, she lived in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the US. She now keeps a studio as base on the coast of Norway and can be contacted for commissioned portraits and workshops elsewhere.